Friday - March 29, 2002

Opening day fell into March in 2002 because of an early Easter.   The photos below of the season opener capture the changes around the park, although for ride lovers it was a bit depressing.  Not only did the new season lack any new rides, but over the winter five rides were removed.   The only positive thing that riders could look forward to was Viper returning to operation after being closed for the entire 2001 season.  Even after its year long rehab guests still exited that ride holding their heads and vowing never to ride it again.  Here now the photos....

  Ted's Cheese Steaks was under construction.  
  Turbo Force operated for its second and last season in 2002.  
The park's original Sling Shot was removed from in front of the simulator theater.   Centrifuge G-Force (Scrambler) was removed from the Boardwalk area.
In 2002, Bugs Bunny Land was one of the two children's themed areas in the park.
The Season Pass Entrance which opened in 2001 would be put back into use on Memorial Day Weekend.  
El Sombrero was removed over the winter.    
Viper returned to service in 2002 after being shuttered for rehab for the entire 2001 season.
The Time Warp was removed for 2002 so that the ride's footprint could be used as a stage for the upcoming Summer of Festivals events. The Great Character Cafe stood most of the season without its "scoops".
Dolphins returned to the park for the first time since the 1992 season.  During their ten year absence the stadium was used primarily for diving shows.  With the return of the dolphins, the diving shows were discontinued.  Even the stadium's original high dive platforms were removed from the center stage.
The Pirate's Flight ride was also removed and its swinging galleons were relocated to Six Flags Ohio.  Parts of the Centrifuge G-Force ride were temporarily moved to the Pirate's Flight ride pad but were quickly removed and the ride was never reassembled at G.A.
    Virtual Quest (a virtual reality game) was being installed near the Big Wheel.
Movie Town and the Old Country sections were loaded with rides and shows for guests to enjoy.
  Spin Meister was still in the process of coming out of its winterized state.