Saturday - April 5, 2003
As is typical with many season openers at Great Adventure, the first day of the 2003 season saw dark skies and rainy weather.  Following a season with very little construction, guests to the park in '03 were greeted with several sites under renovations and updates.  Here are some photos from opening day 2003 presented in chronological order of our visit.

New construction was very evident from the parking lot with both Superman Ultimate Flight and Eruption visible as you approached the park.
Evolution was removed during the winter months.  
  Paint colors being tested on Batman.
Spinmeister entertains guests.    
Views from atop the Big Wheel.
Above, signage from the 2002 Season of Festivals could still be found in the park.    
Eruption was under construction in a very peculiar location.
  Superman Ultimate Flight was still under construction.
    Space Shuttle was being rehabbed.
    Rolling Thunder sports some new paint.
  A God-awful ice cream truck was parked by the Fort.
  More Superman shots.  
An overcast afternoon provided for some gray photos of the Safari and the Safari Hospitality Center (pre Safari Exploration Station).
  Winter Lights still adorned the Safari sign.  
Not a very large turnout.   Check out how many rides were closed!
  Batman & Robin photos were removed.  
Views from the Skyride show a mostly empty park.
Jump's exit was relocated to the Carousel side of the ride.