April 22, 2005

In the spring of 2005, Six Flags Great Adventure hosted its first Season Pass Family Night for the year.  Originally scheduled before the park opened for the season, it was hoped that a special night out including access to Balin's Jungleland, the Golden Kingdom, and major coasters, could be available to season passholders.  Unfortunately, construction delays meant that the Golden Kingdom would not open for several more weeks, however, the park did allow for a sneak-peak of the new land nearly a month before it would open to the general public. 

While the outskirts of Golden Kingdom debuted with the season opener, Golden Kingdom proper didn't open until May.
While this area was still being fine tuned, it had been already accessible for weeks.
Getting access to this area is what awaited with this special preview.  
Golden Kingdom access was still about an hour away, so a look around the rest of the park was in order.
The water rides hadn't opened yet for the season.  
And then it was showtime!  First up, the stars of the show - the amazing tigers in their new in-park playground.
Seeing these beautiful cats up so close was incredible.
The park's newest show venue, the Temple of the Tiger, was open for exploring.  It was exciting to see such a unique arena in our park and cool to imagine the upcoming entertainment that awaited us in the new season.
The area leading to Kingda Ka was still a secret.
  We felt like VIPs knowing we were inside the new area before everyone else.
While the new natural beauty of the Golden Kingdom's landscaping and animals impressed, it was great to see so much new hardware being installed in the Balin's Jungleland children's area (not to mention that new 46 story impressive monstrosity planted in the distance).
The Royal Elephants was the only new kids ride coming to GA from the Great Escape.
The Jungleland Express had yet to be installed.
  Wow!  Three story climbing structures!  
The Lady Bugs were pimped!
It was hard to believe this use to be the off-the-shelf Kiddie Scrambler.
The Kiddie Swings also were hard to recognize.
Free refreshments rounded out a perfect visit to the new land.
After a brief walk though other areas of the park to take in the lights, it was time to head home excited to know all the cool new stuff that would soon open in the weeks ahead.