Saturday- April 14th, 2012

Today's weather was beautiful for a walk in the park!  Here are some of the latest updates in Great Adventure.

The Big Wheel offered some views of Adventure Alley from above.  The SkyScreamer towers over the Big Wheel.
  While on Skull Mountain it appeared that they were doing some work on the pumps and plumbing near the windows after the first lift.  Hopefully we will see the waterfall again.  
It looks like there are lights under the seats!  
We decided to take the Safari Tour at 4:00 because we didn't have enough time to get out to our car and make it over to the Safari gates.  It was nice to hear all the oohs and aahs from our fellow explorers seeing our Savannah for the first time.
    Hmmm.... we aren't in Jersey anymore!
The new security gates are heaven-sent! The outer mall planter has been plussed.