Friday- May 4th, 2012

Even though the weather forecast today called for scattered thunderstorms, we ventured out to the park to take in the Safari and check out the latest developments in the theme park!

  New descriptions have been added to the historical photos in the Main Street Emporium.  The hostess in the shop said to me that I should buy the Images of America- Six Flags Great Adventure book if I liked the old photos.  I told her that I was an author of the book.  She looked at me like - yeah, sure!
    The letters on the globe are illuminated!
A temporary operator's booth was set up to test the new SkyScreamer.    
Click below to watch the spinning SkyScreamer testing!

Available to our Forum members!
Originally the ride was just going up and down the tower without spinning but later in the day it twirled!
Speakers are mounted up and down the entire tower. Construction on the operator's booth started today.
The elephants have all been refurbished and look brand new.
  I never realized that the ears on the elephants move!  Each one also has a plug on its underside for power.  
"Someone" told me that played a role in inspiring the nostalgic theme of Deja Vu!  How cool is that!
It is cool to think that with everything going on in the park right now that there is still another ride coming that we haven't even seen as well as a one-of-a-kind water slide in Hurricane Harbor!
The Lakefront area is really beautiful this year with all the new paint, fencing, and topiaries.
Bugs Bunny National Park was closed for the day.  
  I don't know these people but they can really scream! The last two parachutes have been installed and were open!  It's great to see that we once again have all eight chutes operating.
  Sale items!  
New paint at Looney Tunes Seaport.