Thursday - May 10th, 2012

Adventure Alley's grand opening is less than a week away! 
The first pieces of the King Cobra slide have arrived!   Site preparation work must have also started as earth moving equipment was seen in the distance at Hurricane Harbor.
Work has started on the SkyScreamer's covered queue line.  The footprint of the ride is the same as the Flying Wave and the ride's queue is just a little larger than the old ride.
Test dummies (non-naked ones!) occupy the SkyScreamer's seats.
There are a large number of speakers lining the queue and built into the ride's tower.  Jersey Boys anyone?  
The Royal Elephants, soon to be known as Air Jumbo, looks sparkling new after its refurbishment.
Test dummies have also been installed on DejaVu.  Wooden posts have been placed around the back perimeter of the ride which will probably be used for lights and/or speakers.
Fender Benders' site still sits vacant, but not for long!  
Is it me or are the gaming machines getting larger and larger? In Safari Discoveries, an insert on the map answers the question "where are the tigers?" During a recent visit to the admin building I noticed that the front has been repainted and a new sign has been added!