Thursday - May 17th, 2012 - Media Day

Great Adventure just got a whole lot greater today with the opening of Sky Screamer in the new
Adventure Alley section of the park.  The attraction is a must-ride offering fantastic views and 
exciting thrills at incredible heights! 

Congratulations to the Great Adventure Team for such an entertaining and informative event and a wonderful new ride!  (With four more to come this year... it's Christmas all over again!)
More Cobra parts are arriving!
More than Elvis was in the building as things got (Rock n') rolling!
  Kristin and John proudly present the park's latest additions!  
The Flyin' Elvises take to the sky.
    Flyin' Phil does too!
W O W!
Over the next few weeks LED lights will be installed on the tower for a dazzling light presentation during evening hours.  
Click the images below to view videos!
Flying Elvises Take Flight on the
SkyScreamer Ride
On-Ride Video of the new
SkyScreamer Ride
Air Jumbo
Testing Ride Video
Once again, Great Adventure is home to a classic Scrambler ride!

This circa 1969 machine is a piece of historic beauty but don't let its age fool you.  It is a fast whipping machine!  Vintage goodness!

DejaVu (Scrambler) and Air Jumbo (elephants) will both open this weekend for Season Pass holders and to the public on May 23rd.
The Fender Benders will be positioned so that the longer side of the ride parallels the Sky Ride cables.  This will offer guests dining on Granny's patio a better view of the ride.
A new sign with ride information is now feature on the side of the Swashbuckler.    
Branches - the human tree is back. A new entrance to the catering area has been built from within the security check point of the outer mall.