Saturday - March 30th, 2013

Except for an occasional cool breeze, the 60 degree temperature at the park today made for a beautiful spring day.  Even though the park has only been open for a week, several new updates are pictured below that made their way into the park since the season kick-off one week ago.

New benches line the walkways. A patio has been set up outside the Pub.
It was all Looney Tunes today as it seems the Super Heroes have yet to be hired.  I mean, they must be out fighting crime somewhere! Storage boxes are now available on Fender Benders. The fencing by the Tea Cups is being painted white.
According to the park maps, the kiddie train will soon fill the vacancy of the removed Fun Factory in Looney Tunes Seaport.
New Load It Up! signs are now on the former New England Hot Dog stand near Nitro.
Congo Rapids is getting some wood replacement and enhancements.
New signs adorn the foodstands outside of Congo Rapids. The Macho Nacho sign is also new.
Eight parachutes were open today!  
Painting of the Character Cafe should kick into high gear when the park is closed during the upcoming weekdays. The paintball stand has been sealed up.
Kids really enjoyed the We Got the Beat show in Bugs Bunny National Park.
Not much new on the in-park side of construction for the Safari Off Road Adventure.
As we now know, the audio has been removed from Bizarro including all the speakers and rear-row equipment.  The two center seats of row eight have been put back into place and the "Bizarro Your Hero Now" sign has also made a return.
Looks strange without Conestoga. On El Toro, the bull is missing from one train (see photo on left) and the other has been wrapped with Kia Soul ads.  Sooooul Train!
Compared to recent aqua stadium productions, the new Fish Factor show focuses more on entertainment and less on education-- and entertaining it was!
With most of the animals moved about, it seems that the Safari Discoveries residents have played a game of pen-roulette.
New fencing has been placed all around the Great American Road Race ride.