Saturday - April 13th, 2013

It is nice to see so much construction and maintenance occurring all around the park and outside of it.  Big Wave Racer has gone vertical in Hurricane Harbor, while construction of the Safari Off Road Adventure is underway both inside the theme park as well as inside the Safari itself.  The park is really looking good (less a few too many snack food ads) and things are shaping up to be another great season!

Big Wave Racer is already vertical!   
    About a dozen Safari trucks are now on site. 
Ground work continues on the Safari Off Road Adventure. 
A new "off road" path has been cut through the trees behind the Northern Star Arena. 
  The foundation for the loading station has been poured. 
Above, the former site of the Western Shootout soon will be a dining patio.   
  Camp Aventura construction is well underway out in the Safari. 
The Safari Off Road Adventure's storyline starts to take shape with an airplane prop and a rethemed animal barn!
Sponsored smoking areas! 
Rita's has joined the new lineup of snacks. 
A trainload of riders with these hats would be interesting to see.  Mama Flora's new sign looks sharp and crisp.   
Milkshakes have been removed from the Breyers menu.  The park's third meet and greet station has been partially removed.  Yes!  Dining plan logos have been added to the maps. 
The Boardwalk now has a classic wheel game.    Granny's looks like it received a new paintjob inside.  The props are all off the walls. 
  Bad snack ads... bad bad snack ads! 
The Adventure Theater (flume station stage) in Safari Kids has received new colored tarps. 
  Congo Rapids receives more upgrades!   
Several signs are missing in Looney Tunes Seaport.  No news at the future site of the kiddie train ride. 
Except for Daffy, all the Looney Tunes characters are missing in action from Looney Tunes Seaport. 
  The new Yum Yum paint looks wonderful!   
Canyon Blasters have yet to be reinstalled.  One Direction loves Flying Rings!  The first Safari Off Road Adventure souvenirs have arrived. 
  Three different rides - three different skulls.