Friday - April 26th, 2013

Tonight Great Adventure hosted this season's first Coasters After Dark event for season pass holders.  Below are photos from around the park highlighting some of the latest developments at Great Adventure.

Major earth moving is happening in the lion section. Major construction is happening in the African Plains section on Camp Aventura!  Multiple buildings are being built in what is sure to be an impressive new attraction.
The fleet of 18 Safari Off Road Adventure trucks await the rugged Safari terrain.
The slides of Big Wave Racer are already being put into place. No sign yet of the children's train ride in Looney Tunes Seaport.  
    More Congo Rapids maintenance!
The boys are back in town at LTSP.
    Blackbeard is open!
In Frontier Adventures the station platform for the Safari Off Road Adventure has been built and the timbers that will make up the station cover and queue await installation.  The rustic look of the materials is wonderful.
The fish behind the Best of the West are really hungry.
The Runaway Mine Train sign has been replaced. The Log Flume's turntable is receiving some love.
The Log Flume's queue has the park's last set of original bars.    
  Dining Plan banners now hang outside of participating stands.
The new drink stand can now be viewed since the construction walls have been removed. I honestly think the park should hang the signs they sell in
Attitudes (above right) instead of the High Voltage ones on the left.
The Yum Yum Palace (Great Character Cafe) looks INCREDIBLE!  Hats-off Great Adventure!
The Boardwalk game stands are in the process of getting all new LED lights.
It has been a long time since the park has had so many rides with impressive light packages.  Great Adventure is starting to be a totally different experience after dark once again!!