Friday - May 3rd, 2013

In just three short weeks it will be Memorial Day - the unofficial kick-off to summer.  Workers are busy all across the Great Adventure property readying things for what is sure to be a great peak season.  A lot of the work is obvious, like the Big River slide in Hurricane Harbor, the Safari Off Road Adventure station in Frontier Adventures, and the Camp Aventura area out in the Safari.  But all you have to do is look closely around the park and it is exciting to see so many places being freshened up with new paint and maintenance.

The enclosed tubes of the Big River Racers are being installed.  Props (possibly an entrance gate) for the Safari Off Road Adventure are stored just inside the old Safari gate. 
Two of the eighteen 5-ton Safari trucks are on display in the park. 
The rustic timbers of the Safari station have gone vertical.  This building looks like it will have a lot of character. 
The former Shooting Gallery site as well as the neighboring Best of the West walkways are all in the process of being redeveloped.  The patio area will be at the end of the Safari Off Road Adventure exit ramp. 
Later in the afternoon, the first support for the station's steep-pitched roof was installed. 
Breyers once again has milkshakes.     
A Plexiglas wall has been installed completely around the small pond in the Safari Discoveries area.  One now has to wonder if this area will remain after the Safari Off Road Adventure ride opens.
The Yum Yum Palace magicians were at work.  The above ad may work at the other Six Flags park but not for G.A.'s English carousel.   
    The Great Character Cafe is character free. 
Batman The Ride's cityscape wall and the Batmobile plaza have both been repainted.  All the park's Blu Cigarette ads have been removed or hidden. 
  Hall of Justice has also been repainted.   
More Congo work!  No sign of the kiddie train (below). 
S.S.Looney Tunes has been repainted.  Granny's funky ceiling fan is gone.   
    Oasis Cafe was open for a Jewish holiday. 
The Camp Aventura buildings are really significant structures.