Friday - May 24th, 2013
Safari Off Road Adventure Media Day

The Safari is back at Great Adventure! 
Today marked the opening of the Safari Off Road Adventure for the media and season pass holders.  Although the weather was grey and rainy, as any visitor to the previous version of the Safari knows, the animals always seem to love the rain.  For us humans, there was much more than the rain to love about this new attraction.  From the new oversized truck fleet to the safari's new themed elements, there was plenty to be enjoyed on the new Safari Off Road Adventure!  Check out all the photos below.

Congratulations to the Six Flags Great Adventure team on introducing such a wonderful addition to the park.

Kristin Siebeneicher (Public Relations Manager), John Fitzgerald (Park President), and Dr. Bill Rives (Safari Director) kicked off the grand opening festivities.  And did so before the rain started!
The sky starts to darken. The wind starts to pickup. Eager visitors bypass the ribbon cutting.
The Great Adventure team officially opens the ride!
Kaitlyn, Nick, and Chelsea do some gardening!  
  The first truck gets ready to roll.  
The trip from the theme park to safari park helped build excitement for our journey.
    The trucks enter near the tiger section.
The drivers seek out the animals and takes advantage of the truck's off road capabilities.  The only time they remain on the former roadway is when there aren't any animals in the area.
Splashing through the water!    
  All the gates have been replaced with remote controlled single lane entrances.  
  New signs mark the various sections of the safari.
  New props and upgrades dot the landscape.  
Guests must exit at Camp Aventura.  This scenic new section is located atop the highest elevation in the safari and offers panoramic views of the land.   Much of the section is still being developed but you can sense that the area has great potential.  Camp Aventura is sure to develop into a great educational and entertainment area just like the Safari Exploration Station evolved over the years.
The Soaring Eagle zip line will open soon in the upcoming weeks.  It has already had its first test riders.
  Several species will be relocated next to the Camp.
Guests reboard the trucks at their own leisure.
  The redesigned lion section offers unobstructed views of these big cats.
There is nothing between the open trucks and the black bears!
An old warden's hut hits the road.  
The last section of the tour is the tiger area and then it is back through the woods to Frontier Adventures.
The Safari Off Road Adventure is an excellent addition to Great Adventure's ride lineup.  It is an "E" ticket ride for the entire family and really helps to round-out the attractions at the park.  The ride itself lasts just short of one hour and is split in two parts by the stop at Camp Aventura.  With the camp time included, the expedition overall can easily takes 90 minutes.  The Safari Off Road Adventure is truly like visiting a park within a park and longtime fans of the Safari are sure to enjoy it.

I can't wait to ride it again!