Saturday - May 25th, 2013

The unofficial kick-off to summer is here but it would be hard to prove it given an unusually cool Memorial Day weekend.  Temps in the 50's didn't exactly scream water park!

If you missed our Safari Off Road Adventure Media Day Trip Report click HERE.

Hurricane briefly opened but closed around 12:30.  The parking lot was far from packed!  Big Wave Racer will have to wait for swimmers. 
Canyon Blaster is now open!  There are now three shows per day on weekends at Fort Independence.   
The Log Flume turntable looks ready to go. 
New flowers!  The missing water wheel panels have been replaced.  
  Today was opening day to the general public for the Safari Off Road Adventure.
Several of the trucks have been fitted with clear vinyl curtains which will come in handy during rainy days.   
  I wonder if anyone will mistake Safari Tours (above) as the SORA! 
  The Safari Discoveries area is still open. 
Congo Rapids is open. 
    The waterfalls were not turned on. 
    Now it's Daffy's turn to disappear. 
SORA is on Flass Pass.  :(   
Memorial Day = BBNP Water Tower ON    The Character Cafe looks wonderful! 
Height-check sticks o'plenty.