Saturday - April 12th, 2014

After endless months of winter storms and heavy snow, today's weather was a welcomed relief to what seemed like an extra long off season.  Sunny skies and temps in the mid-70s along with a park that looked great brought out a nice size crowd to welcome in Spring and the 2014 Great Adventure season!

Here are some pictures from opening day...

There's nothing like a morning Safari!
    Something new is coming to the Camp.
  The new lion cubs are adorable!
Tigrsi Asiana is getting a sign!  
New restroom signs Wild's Trading Post has a roof!
    Unilever brands have invaded.
Ouch!  Not too pretty.   The Log Flume wasn't ready today.
One of two new snacks stands  
Ted's Cheesesteaks out... Garden State Grill in.  
The Golden Kingdom is pretty much closed.  
A preview for the upcoming show Paw & disOrder comes complete with gifts! (far right)
The You Otter Know critters were ready to celebrate spring.
  Zumanjaro up close!  
  No baboons yet.
Dippin Dots moved into the old Six Below.
Here is all that remains of Rolling Thunder.
  Runaway Train TLC.  
Bugs Bunny Camp Carousel looks wonderful after a new refurbishment!
  The planes were also repainted!
  The name YUM YUM Is back!  Hooray!!!!  
    New siding on Main Street
The Main Street Snacks stand has been upgraded.
The Cyber-less Cafe... no more pcs. Rockets is now on the meal plan. It looks like some trees are missing.
New trees have been planted outside of the Justice League Headquarters. We have train track, now how about a train? Either the sub is new or they did an incredible job refurbishing it.
Odd - a Zoo Atlanta t-shirt with a Six Flags Great America tag for sales at G.A.!    
    Sponsor Blu is gone.
The old Hydro Flume canvas tent has been removed. The Looney Tunes Seaport bridge has been simplified.
  New chutes on the Parachutes!  And all 8 were open!
Time for an update.