Wednesday - April 16th, 2014

Snow during Spring Break... imagine that!  Not too hard to do after the wild winter we had!

Below are some photos taken during a quick walk through of a semi-snow covered Great Adventure this morning.  Even the cold temps couldn't keep the crowds away as today proved people will visit a them park in the cold weather!  Translation:  Fingers crossed for Holiday in the Park - Great Adventure style!

Ice slides!    
  Many of the rides opened as temps warmed.  
  The snow looked just like powdered sugar!
Portions of the Boardwalk were blocked off because of falling snow from the Parachutes.
The Log Flume gets some TLC!    
  This here is the best themeing in the wilderness!  (And maybe the park!)
Rock salt on bridge and ice on El Toro. Ice bags outside of Tango?  There wasn't enough around?
    Lines formed as Batman tested.
Nitro's line prior to opening. Icicles on Skully's teeth.  
    O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
Just to remind everyone, it IS spring! Buccaneer's sign is gone.  
    Musik Express is still standing.
Another reason to get a season pass.    
Zumanjaro aerial work was on hold in the low temps and wind.