Saturday - April 26th, 2014

Special Events were the words of the day as the park welcomed a half dozen or so different audiences for its various festivals, competitions, and outings.  Even with all these groups merging into the park during a beautiful summer day crowds were manageable and park very enjoyable. 

On with the photos....

    Movie Town was not closed!
  The stage sign now says Plymouth Rock too.  
No on-board monitors yet this year.    
  The cubs are getting bigger!   
    Baby in pounch! 
The new Asiana sign is still being assembled.   
  The Log Flume is coming together.   
  Zumanjaro work continues.   
Season pass processing has moved.   
The Garden State Grill is very nice.  Once ordered, your food is delivered to your table. 
The wall behind Tiger Market is gone.  The Fast Tracks & Food Trucks event was held in the parking lot behind Kingda Ka. 
  Wine tasting and sales were available. 
More than twenty trucks offered a wide variety of foods, snacks, desserts, and beverages. 
    Big Henry from NJ101.5 was in house. 
Entertainment and covered seating were also available. 
The Musik Express is just a shell of its former glamorous self. 
The Blue Parrot has been simplified.  
Ever see the show "Life After People"? 
How about the animated movie "Cars"?  The part where Sally calls Lightning McQueen 'Stickers'!
  Nitro's ramps and stairs are being repainted! 
Still no choo-choo.  :(  It looks like RRRailway's trains have been refurbished.  Future site of a new animal show - coming Memorial Day Weekend. 
Unilever has arrived.    
The Log Flume's water wheel is being refurbished!  Keep your fingers crossed for a spinning wheel with running water. 
  I wish the Fort's cannons would flash simulated blasts with special lighting and smoke. 
Great Adventure's signature show in Fort Independence is a lot of fun!  Fish Factor includes audience participation, music, dancing, and humor to delight audiences and showoff the park's four sea lions.  The cast and crew (both water and land-based!) do a great job entertaining guests!
Picture all these Rolling Thunder cars set up in front a stage in the theme park similar to the parked cars at a drive-in movie.  They could all be positioned in front of the Festival Stage and offer seating for what is now standing room only venue.  Totally unqiue!