Friday - May 2nd, 2014

The park brought in a pretty impressive crowd today especially since it was a spring weekday.  Beautiful weather and numerous school groups poured into the park to take advantage of shorter lines and bright sunshine prior to what is sure to be a busy weekend.

Enjoy the photos!

Shade structures are up at the Harbor. All three of Zumanjaro's gondolas appear to be on the shafts.
The Log Flume's water wheel looks great.  Hopefully the Saw Mill Sign will also be refreshed.
The early morning lineup of Safari trucks is always an impressive site.
Earth moving equipment was working on the Kingsland area after all the heavy rains the past few days.
The Log Flume's opening is fast approaching.    
Tango needs a sign welcoming adults and children.  Some think its only a kiddie ride.
The Rolling Thunder and Conestoga Wagon signs are gone.
  No baboons yet.  
New decals and details have been added to the recently repainted plane ride in Bugs Bunny National Park.
Let the rumors begin - Bizarro souvenirs have been discounted parkwide.    
The Twix signs have all been upgrade to lenticular versions.
  Happy 40th Anniversary Yum Yum!  
Single rider restriction is back on the Big Wheel.    
  The Buccaneer sign is over by the Autobahn. Squirrels must love fried chicken!
The wall has moved... Oasis Cafe is back to selling Kosher foods.
Nitro has received more new paint. ...but the train track has not.  
Prep work begins at the Adventure Theater.