Saturday - May 17th, 2014

Spring is in full gear at the park as the calendar quickly approaches the start of daily operations and Memorial Day Weekend which is the unofficial kickoff of the summer season.  New landscaping, an open Log Flume, and continued construction of the park's newest thrill ride Zumanjaro all add up to fun weeks and months ahead. 

Here are some photos of another beautiful day at the park.

A new crushed penny machine will soon be available to guests at Camp Aventura. The kitties are getting bigger!  
A miniature horse is the Camp's newest resident. It looks like a new fence will soon be put in place by the animal exhibits. Future site of ???
  Those are ostrich eggs, but those aren't ostriches.
Ashley is a wonderful Safari guide!    
    Outback now sponsors Australia.
  It is obvious that SORA is a great family ride.  
Not only has the wheel been repaired but the troughs have been added back in as well.  All we need now is running water to make it spin! The Best of the West BBQ looks very attractive with numerous new planters.
Baboons coming soon! We have new landscaping and Dippin' sign.  
Here is a Bugs Bunny Land blast from the past.   The mid-1990s era directional sign has been repainted an awaits new logos.
  Nitro's test seat has been replaced.  
    Still no train ride to be found.  :(
  Paw & DisOrder should be opening soon.  
  A new awning was placed on the Extreme booth. The cranes have been removed from around the Zumanjaro/Ka tower.
  The Twix Twister wraps can't be missed.  
Little remains of Rolling Thunder. The Zumanjaro queue building has risen.
    A ton of landscaping has been planted.
  Zumanjaro construction can also bee seen from the area near the parking lot plaza.
  In less than a week Hurricane Harbor opens!