Thursday - May 22nd, 2014

Daily operation at Great Adventure is here!  Even though it was rainy and cool, the park was much more crowded than expected made up of mostly school and bus trips.  The roller coasters were fairly packed and the rest of the rides were walk-ons including the Safari Off Road Adventure.  No activity was apparent around Zumanjaro or Kingda Ka when we were there but it may have been because of the rain.   Supposedly, it was testing later in the day.  Here now some photos....

Landscaping has been added to Hurricane Harbor's entrance. Superman had a healthy line which stretched back to its entrance. A new VIP Tours meeting area has been set up in the front of the entrance area.
  Crushed penny machines are making a comeback.  
    A huge line for El Toro formed after it appeared to be testing in the early afternoon.
Numerous animal inspired topiaries have been added to the Safari Off Road Adventure turnaround outside its station.
    Shaded TV mounts have been added to SORA's queue.
Different color belts on some SORA trucks makes finding a matching belt pair easier.    
    These two ostriches were having a disagreement!
It isn't only kids that overuse cell phones!
  It must be springtime!
  Current Baboon Count = 0  
  The Boys are back in town.  
    The Movie Town sign has been removed.
The Adventure Alley Gifts sign has been removed from the Super Heroes store. Congo Rapids should open this weekend.
    Paw & DisOrder is still under construction.
Kiddie Train watch... nada.    
The top to bottom cables have been removed. New lighting fixtures are being added to the Yum Yum Cafe patio.
  Zumanjaro's queue roofing is being installed.