Saturday - May 31st, 2014

We took a trip to the park tonight with a brief stop off in Hurricane Harbor.   Here are some photos from the water park and the theme park on a beautiful spring afternoon and evening.

    Crowds were small so no FlashPass was needed.
  A new Rita's stand has been installed where Island Temptations use to be located.
Welch's Fruit Snacks now sponsors the Blue Lagoon wave pool.  While large, the new banners at least look refreshing.
  A new 40th Anniversary shirt has debuted!  
The water wheel has been restored on the Log Flume and once again spins adding a wonderful themed element to the ride.
Zumanjaro's cars were being pulled through the shafts today.
Nothing new in the baboon village.    
A new Safari penny machine has been added.    
TV monitors have been added to the Safari Off Road Adventure's queue.
    The security stand by Nitro has been removed.
Bugs Bunny's house is now backstage.    
Its former site is now vacant. Rapids was not open when we went past in the evening. No train.
  More props have been added to the Paw & DisOrder stage.
Liberty Square Gazebo has been painted.    
Work continues on Zumanjaro's lengthy line.
I don't know these people but it looked like a good picture to take. The Next Big Thing Show is now by the four tents. The new Yum Yum Cafe fixtures light up the restaurant's spacious patio.