Saturday - April 18th, 2015

Spring has definitely sprung at Great Adventure with wonderful weather, bright sunshine, and flowers and trees blooming everywhere.  Here are some photos from around the park on this perfect weather day.

  The repainted water tower looks great!
Queue lines have been installed at the security check point. The seeing eye dogs are such beautiful animals.
  A season pass discount offer includes a cap, shirt, and bag, plus 20% off merchandise all season for just $19.99.  
The Lake Front is full of the original lamp posts installed in 1974.  An "Under Construction" sign is now outside of Fort Independence.
New track lighting has been installed in Attitudes.   
  A bunch of new shirt designs are available.  
The construction walls are down around El Diablo allowing better views of this year's new ride.
The restaurant across from El Diablo is under construction... for your future enjoyment!
    Plymouth Rock Assurance is now at the Arena and the Runaway Mine Train.
Logs have arrived!    
Hey!  I know that guy!    
    The Teacups sign looks fantastic!
El Diabloish flames on the grill! Granny's is being remodeled.  
  Have a Coke and smile!