Thursday - May 14th, 2015

It's a dragon!  It's a devil!  It's a coaster!  It's the new ride at Six Flags Great Adventure!
Since its initial announcement back in August 2014, the discussion of this year's new attraction has been the source of much conversation and debate.  For those who believe the park should receive a record breaking ride each and every season, El Diablo may be a little smaller than hoped.  But for the rest of us, El Diablo fills a void in flat/thrill rides and serves as the perfect device as an intermediate attraction to bridge the gap from mild family rides to the bigger headliner thrill machines.

Below are some photos of El Diablo's opening event and some random shots from around the park.

  So many Devils!   
La Cocina is in the process of becoming Macho Nachos and will feature new seating areas both inside and outside. 
The Log Flume has reopened before Memorial Day Weekend!  And the waterwheel is still spinning! 
There are a whole lot of surveying markups around the Lake Front area of the park. 
    New Pepe Le Pew sign! 
New flooring and seating at Granny's.  Look - Riverbank Drinks still stands!   
  A new snack stand has been installed near Batman's lift. 
Twister is getting some TLC.  I don't think I have ever seen bikes in the parking lot! Bravo!