Wednesday - March 23rd, 2016

Opening Day 2016!  It seems like it was just yesterday that it was Holiday in the Park.  Even with an extremely abbreviated off-season, the park really brought everything together in just a few months, offering guests a wonderful kick-off to the new season.  Add in a dose of above normal temps and some glorious sunshine and whamo - a great day at the park!

Stage Coach track meets Superman track!     
Get your dining plan!  The Joker can be seen from the front gate.   
  Move over Fright Fest, they are already advertising Holiday in the Park!   
    Smile, you are on camera! 
The Joker was topped off before opening day!  Nice! 
    All the Christmas lights have been removed from the trees (and buildings). 
The Villain Cafe is taking over the old Aqua Snacks. 
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train is transforming into Harley Quinn's Crazy Train. 
New planters have been added to some trees.  One of the trees received a circular bench.  Several of the fences were repainted.
The old Chicago Shootout will soon be home to the Sky Bar. 
The Big Wheel's loading platform receives some TLC.  The Nutcrackers are gone! 
  Jolly Roger is being regurbished.   
  New paint in the fountain.  The HITP lighting supports are still in place.
Load It Up is now the Go Fresh Cafe.   
No more firepits.     
  The Chiller station is gone and the Asylum and Musik Express queue bars have been packed away. 
The once Spin Meister drink stand has been removed. 
    All the scary clown ads are gone. 
  Bugs Bunny National Park is still closed.   
New light fixture next to Tango.  The last remaining Bugs Bunny Land light fixture. The one and only funky solar light fixture has been replaced with a more conventional model. 
Super Hero Snacks is now just Super Hero!   
  The Green Lantern trains looked all shiny and new.   
A new entrance to the Safari Discoveries area has opened called The Wild Walkway.  Inside are the ultra cute lion and tiger cubs! 
  The Tea Cups sign has returned but without the cup and saucer.   
    Forgot one!  Probably the only one!