Saturday - April 16th, 2016

After a couple of weekends of wild weather, today was a '10' in comparison and a decent size crowd showed up to soak in the sunshine.  Here are some photos from around the park of many of the changes and updates made throughout Great Adventure starting with new pavement in the parking lot.  (No, that isn't a typo!)

Ohhh!  Ahhh!  
Villain's Cafe is in the process of being repainted.
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train has reopened with the same name but with a new Harley Quinn Crazy Train theme - for now.
Track installation on THE JOKER is complete and a great new sign has been mounted on its ride.
Future site of a new drink stand. Looks like Kingpin Bowling is history.
Lighting fixtures circa 1974!    
The Big Wheel has reopen with a new landing pad. Work on the Log Flume's third drop is underway. Santa's House looks pretty simple without all the Holiday in the Park decor.
    There were two mine trains running today.
No signs of concerts this season. Both sides of the Sky Ride were open!  
  Macho Nacho was closed but the bar was open.
A lamp post near El Toro dates back to Ultra Twister days!    
The entrance to the Seafari Theater has been relocated.
The curtain and fencing from the tiger show days has all been removed. Wild Life Games os an entertaining show that mixes humor, animals, and audience participation.
  And look, it's a magic show too!  
The new Sky Bar has been painted to match the flashy color scheme of the Sky Screamer ride. 
Parachute's appear to have a sponsor.    
  Don't do it Nick... Don't jump!  
The Jolly Roger cars have been repainted and the entire ride look brand new.
    Hooray!  Running water!
Bugs Bunny Barnstormer is also being rehabbed and should return soon.
Parts for Hurricane Harbor's new Caribbean Cove are now on site!