Saturday - May 7th, 2016

A rather dull and overcast sky gave way to bright sunshine by days-end at Great Adventure.  Throughout the park work continued on many of the new for 2016 projects, and some like the SkyBar and new Coca-Cola Refills stand have already opened. 

I hope you enjoy these photos of the theme park including the Safari Off Road Adventure!

New barrier poles are being installed behind the Bugs Bunny planter mound at the entrance to the park.
  The rainbow logo is back!  Woohoo!
The JOKER was testing throughout the day today.  One observation is that the ride is very quiet (at least without screaming guests). 
Click HERE to view a video of a car going through a test run on The JOKER.
  The tea cup has returned. And so has the Log Flume sign!
Cool Medusa hat!    
We finally got our first ride of the season on the Safari Off Road Adventure.  Terrific as usual!
  Soaring Eagle was open today. New climb structures from Balin's Jungleland via the Safari Exploration Station.
  It is amazing how all cats are alike.  
  A new barn has been built near Camp Aventura.
    Too cute!
So many brown bears... ...including a bunch of cubs.  
This totem pole was once inside the Super Teepee on a spot not far from were it stands today.
  Getting ready for summer.
New lakeside landscaping has appeared.
Harley Quinn Crazy Train has all new signage.
  A new drink stand has been built on the site of the former SpinMeister Drinks.
SkySnacks and SkyBar is now open in the former Chicago Shootout building.  The bright color scheme matches the SkyScreamer perfectly.
New spotlights and LED fixtures can now be found near the big wheel.
Numerous photo op stands including one featuring a Rolling Thunder car have been place strategically around Movie Town.
    Themed fudge!