Saturday - April 1st, 2017

After an off-season that seemed to fly by, Six Flags Great Adventure opened its gates once again welcoming guests to the park's 44th season.  Even though it has been less than three months since Holiday in the Park ended in January, a lot of work has taken place around the park ranging from the ongoing construction of the new Justice League Battle for Metropolis ride, to new snack stands, as well as some overall TLC to many of the park's structures and areas.

Below is a wide selection of photos from all around the theme park including pictures from an exciting walk-thru of the new Justice League ride and the surrounding Metropolis area which will premiere later this spring.  It is sure to be a very popular ride and revived section of the park.  Many thanks to the park's PR folks for making the tour possible!

And now on to the 2017 season's first trip report...

Hooray!  The parking lot's newly paved area looks great. A Runaway Train sits in the catering area.
  The closed ride listing has been removed.  
Additional refurbishment on the Carousel!    
  There is a new Carousel Pretzel stand.  
Nathan's - out.  But their hot dogs area available all around the park now.
  Boardwalk Steak & Fries in.
    The Northern Star Arena name is back!
  Repairs are being made to the Fort.
Log Flume splash pool has been painted.    
  No tricks for the Joker today.  
  This is one massive Dippin' Dots stand.  
Gotham City Gifts and Batman have taken over the Justice League Headquarters shop.
The Justice League Battle for Metropolis ride building is huge and the number of rooms making up the ride's layout is impressive.  Here is a tour of the various sets still under construction starting in the ride's loading/unloading area.
The interior queue consists of three large rooms. The cars will enter the unloading/loading area from right to left.
  The loading area dock will be nicely themed.  
  And our journeys begin....  
  The Joker will take up residence here.  
  Some scenery awaits installation.  
  Room after room adventures await!  
More rooms!
And back to the loading area. Backstage, the control center for the ride will be located behind the loading docks.
The Justice League building pre-theming. Ride entrance. Ride Exit/Gift Shop
The Showcase Theatre will be renamed (name TBD) and it will receive a new facade.
All the buildings in the area will receive a new look and new theming.
  Refurbished restroom exterior.  
  Safari Off Road Adventure time!  
New paving in Black Bear Ridge.    
    Antique photos still exists!
    All the menus now have calorie counts listed.
    New landscaping in the Seaport!
  Sky No-Zooma!  
  Hands and a dryer backstage.  
Look!  It is Six Flags Great Adventure's boxset!
  Justice League HQ's Superman is now at Flags.  
  No more Season Pass Processing Center.