Saturday - May 6th, 2017

Springtime visits to Great Adventure are always a lot of fun, especially when construction of a new attraction is happening.  Luckily, numerous groups were having catered events today which made the Old Country pathway accessible.  Below are several pictures of the latest developments on the Justice League Battle for Metropolis ride, the revamping of the surrounding area, photos of the new Drop of Doom VR experience, and general improvements and observations about the park.

Enjoy the photo tour!

So far the Best Parking Award 2017 goes to one of these autos.  It is hard to tell which is actually wrong. With all the refurbishments, it looks like we will be getting a whole new area of the park to enjoy this season!  Exterior work continues of the Justice League ride building along with a repainted observatory. 
    The clock and decorative railings have been removed from the Showcase Theatre. 
  The former Blue Parrot restrooms are actually blue now.   
Munchopolis will replace the former Ice Works.  Metro Grill replaces the old Snowy's. Holiday in the Park 2017 is being advertised. 
No waterfall yet on Skull Mountain.     
    The Congo Rapids dryer has been removed. 
Not really a fan of in-park ads but love Alien movies. 
You really don't see much grass in the park anymore.  Swashbuckler was closed but noticed the sign holder was repainted. 
    Not even Memorial Day and the Log Flume is open! 
  The snack stands near Bizarro are gone.  No more photos either, 
Boardwalk Steak & Fries now feature photos of historic boardwalks.  Oddly, Disney's Boardwalk Resort is one if the largest murals! 
  Mutant spiders have invaded Zumanjaro.  
  Drop of Doom  VR has arrived.  
Just Ka's old observation deck - nothing to see here.    Superman has also discontinued offering on-ride photos.