Thursday - May 25th, 2017

The Justice League Battle for Metropolis ride is going to be a big hit this summer.  Thanks to the fine folks in the park's PR department we had an opportunity to get a sneak preview of the ride's queue and loading/unloading areas including its preshow audio-animatronic and video.   Below are several photos which gives you a clear indication of just what level of quality and detail to expect from this great attraction.  It really looks like we are in-store for a ride on par with a Disney or Universal dark ride, meaning we are in for a treat!

  First some quick photos around the park...   
Rain and fog were the weather deal of the day. Swashbuckler was open!  Nice to see this park original back in action. Maybe a promo booth?
The water was falling at Skull Mountain. The top of the Looney Tunes Seaport lighthouse is missing. Showtime!
Bugaboo looked bright and shiny. Meanwhile the top of Ka was in the fog. A new beer garden with a designated patio is now set up in front of the Fort.
Guess your weight and the gong game seem to be taking turns this season. Last chance for Drop of Doom.  
The copper on the entrance gate towers seemed like it was recently cleaned but maybe it was just because it was wet. 
The Hall of Justice which houses the Justice League Battle for Metropolis ride seems even bigger in person. 
Landscaping around the building and the ride's outdoor queue areas is being planted. 
Switchback queues awaiting installation.  Perimeter fencing to the left of  the ride. 
There are two main queue areas inside the Hall of Justice - the main lobby area just inside the entrance door and a blue hallway with a window for picking up your 3D glasses just before heading into the loading zone. 
The loading zone features a combination of impressive audio animatronics and a multi-screen video wall offering a synchronized presentation which explains the exciting journey which awaits riders.  It is here where you are recruited to assist the Justice League and help battle some of DC Comics' most evil villains.  The pictures of this area include images taken under both show lighting and house lights. 
JLBFM will have nine cars including one which allows guests in wheelchairs to transfer to the ride more easily. 
The unloading area is to the right of the load area.        The ride's control panel illustrates the winding track layout through the numerous rooms of this high-tech attraction. 
Here are the machines which will keep the 3D glasses clean.
The ride will be constantly monitored.  The unload area leads to a gift shop. 

New modern art!
The entire area is being refreshed with new paint and appearances. Even the restrooms will look new!