Friday - April 27th, 2018

Believe it or not, here is my first photo trip report of the season - nearly a month after the official 2018 opening of Great Adventure.  I wish I could have attended sooner but life events sometimes take you on a detour (or two detours in my case).  In any event, here are some photos taken around the park today.  I didn't have a lot of time to spend there but just wanted to get my upgraded pass validated and see what was new at my home away from home.  Enjoy the pictures!

Now if only people would walk behind these! It is Membership-Mania!
New siding on the Looney Tunes Shoppe. The Sugar Shack has replaced Coldstone. A temporary hiring booth has taken over this game stand.
Four of the Carousel's animal paintings have been restored.  Check out how they compare to an undone panel (above right).  
    Holiday in the Park stands remain in the Woodland Gardens area near Yum Yum.
Liberty Pub has been demolished to make way for the Ale House. Liberty Snacks is new!
The Swashbuckler (aka the Super Roundup) has been refurbished including new LED lights and electronics.
No Chop Six yet! New fencing marks the perimeter of the Safari Kids area.
  Several of the animal figures from 1979's Chip Shot Miniature Golf have been added to Safari Tours!
Coming Soon - Primo's Pasta Rita's has replaced the smaller Coldstone stand.  
CYBORG Cyber Spin is coming together nicely including the installation of a covered queue area.
  Several buildings have been removed in the off season including the Autobahn ride and game stands, the Snake Pit (aka Mad Hatter), Glatt Spot food stand, Old Country Waffle Cones, and the Bavarian Artists Guild stand.
  Mamma Flora's is back but not on the meal plan.  
Boardwalk Game Center seems to be getting remodeled.   The Golden Kingdom Coldstone is now a funnel cake stand.
  The Log Flume is being shown major love!  
    You had me at the 50% off merchandise discount!