Thursday - April 25th, 2019

After a few days of huge spring break crowds at the park I headed over to Great Adventure because the weather was not suppose to be ideal and a three day group outing event had come to a close.  Luckily everything worked out and the park had a very manageable crowd.  Work continues as GA comes out of its winter slumber and numerous projects around the park continue to make it look new and fresh.  Here are some photos.

Hurricane Harbor's solar panels and telephone poles in the old North America section of the Safari take some getting use to seeing. Superman Ultimate Flight continues to get its new fresh coat of red and blue paint.
  Coaster Candy looks very Hersheypark-esque!  
The gumball machines are very impressive, clever, and convincing!  Especially since it is all decals.  
With all the sweet shops its like being in Candyland!

This looks new.  It looks like it is used for taking cars off and on Harley Quinn's track.
  Holiday in the Park equipment is stored behind the Harley Quinn coaster.
The Buccaneer seems to have been freshened up for its 40th season. Additional tables have been placed outside of Chop Six to accommodate the popular restaurant's crowd.
The "Bug" is missing from Bugaboo!  
New scenery this year for the show in Safari Kids. Quesadillas has a new sign.
  Seaport has a new sign but it is small. Sky Zooma is being reassmbled.
  Safari Tours has been removed.  
Work continues on Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.
    Cyborg electric pickups!
    This area looks old school.  I like it!
It is great to see the Log Flume being repainted.  
Safari Off Road Adventure has a new cover over the most used part of its queue!  Thanks for listening SFGA! The camel and zebra are now in the SORA queue.  They date back to the 1979 Garden of Marvels Miniature Golf and were most recently at the Safari Tours kiddie cars. New flags line the roof of the Runaway Train station roof.
Hydration Station at El Toro coming soon.   Hmmm.
  Alligators at Great Adventure!
Anyone else see the spirit of the El Diablo ride in this El Toro shirt? This is one of the Golden Kingdom's original props.