Friday - April 2nd, 2021

For years, Good Friday marked opening day for Great Adventure but with an extended season to play catch up on missed operating days due to COVID-19, the park is already weeks into its 2021 operating season.  With unusually cold temps, you would think that the park would have been pretty empty today but as these photos will illustrate guests showed up en masse.  It seems everyone is looking to get out of their houses and enjoy themselves while doing some pre-pandemic activities.

For now, the Safari is still a drive-thru attraction.
This is the ostrich barn that had a fire several days ago.  As you can see, the structure is still standing.
  A single large tent now houses both the temperature and security scanning operations.  
The Main Street shops have a new color palette and new offerings.  
The Last Drop is a one-stop shop for all your ride related merchandise.
The large information cube in the outer mall has been replaced by a smaller info box on Main Street.
Some long closed or repurposed shops are back selling souvenirs!
Every sixth car has been removed from the Big Wheel lightning the load on this aging attraction. Because of COVID, Houdini is still closed given its ventilation limitations in the ride compartment.  
A lot of new tables!  
    It's good to see the Parachutes up and running.
    Splash Water Oasis is still standing but sadly SBNO like the past few seasons.
    The Log Flume continues to get some TLC!
  Plenty of new concrete near the Big Wheel.  
Deja Vu has been painted red and has received new shiny cars. 
Studio 28 has a new roof and refreshed wood.    
  Happy 25th Anniversary Skully!  
Wild Things has reopened as a crane arcade. Oasis Cafe signs have been removed.
The Jersey Devil Coaster construction continues.
  Cool sign!
    Munchopolis is now Guest Services.
The red, white, and blue lights have been changed.    
The side entrance to the Showcase Theatre have been blocked off. Cyborg is open!  
Some minor earth moving is taking place inside Hurricane Harbor.