Wednesday - April 5th, 2023

After an eventful opening weekend which saw pouring rain Saturday morning, followed by afternoon clearing, and then tornado action at night which all led to the park being closed on Sunday due to damage in the area, Great Adventure kicked off its spring break today.

While we all knew there were no major attractions for the theme park this year, the promise of a revitalized park with new landscaping throughout and numerous cosmetic projects underway, expectations were still high.  Maybe it was the gray skies but the park seemed to be lacking the freshness and positive anticipation of a new season ahead.  Unlike other years, not only were a large number of rides closed but also major areas of the park were off-limits including Plaza del Carnaval and Frontier Adventures.  In addition, many facilities were closed and not just for the day.  It was sort of like visiting a shopping mall were so many of the stores were abandoned.

I am sure that many of these closed rides and facilities will return to service as the season progresses and more workers join the staff.  It is just a shame that it currently is in such contrast to the premium experience that is being promoted by corporate. 

    The lockers lost its canvas cover in the storms.
The Last Drop, which seemed to be one of the most popular shops, has relocated to a much smaller store.
    Six Flags Photos seems to be removed from around the park including all on-ride photos.
  A huge tipping bucket has been added for a future floral display.  The bucket appears to be from Discovery Bay's smaller bucket splash zone in Hurricane Harbor.
    The Whac-a-Mole game trailer is gone.
  Santa's House has been remodeled.  
  The water fountains have been removed from the restrooms near the Skyride station, most likely for the addition of a family restrooms.  Nearby, a new planter has been added.
Where is the Jolly Roger sign?    
  Oasis Snacks' sign and decor have been removed.  
    All the seating from the Adventure Theater has been removed.
There has been progress on Barnstormer!
Nitro was closed but it was nice to see work on its rolling stock!
Rita's out - Six Below in.  
A beautiful garden called the Arboretum has been added in the former site of what was once the Botanical Gardens!
  Yum Yum Cafe has been spruced up!  
Wicked Saloon has received a major upgrade!  
Something happened here. Frontier Adventures is closed until Memorial Day Weekend.
The Log Flume's pump and pipeline to the top of the first lift is being replaced.  Thank you!!!
  Plaza del Carnaval will be closed until this summer.
The Parachutes have closed and already have taken a hit from the area's recent high winds.  The last of its kind in the United States, if there is anyway this ride can be saved, the park should seriously consider it.
The Boardwalk Coca-Cola Fill the Thrill has been removed. Green Lantern's sign almost looks like White Lantern.
The Boardwalk is getting additional food offerings.