Monday  - August 20th, 2012

Today was a big news day at Great Adventure as the park announced that they will be closing the Wild Safari park to car traffic as of September 30th, 2012 closing a chapter in the park's history books.  As for next season we will need to wait until August 30th to find out what is planned for the future.

Here are some photos from Great Adventure's three parks.  Seems strange that we won't be able to say that for much longer.
SkyScreamer was down today. And Jolly Roger was getting some maintenance. The Adventure Alley smoking area was relocated away from the children's Air Jumbo ride to the restroom area.
  Racing Rolling Thunder! El Toro's lift resembles a wooden drop tower.
New Arena paint...
    New type of bulbs on Fender Bender!
It looks like they saved enough room for another flat ride in Adventure Alley.    
  Prep work begins on the terror trail. The size of the crowds in this area has really climbed this season.
(Left & Above) Future site of Voodoo Island A brand new terror trail is going up on the former site of the Asylum!
Look close at the sign above... and you will see an old hidden sign below! New lights in the Plaza del Carnaval look great at night.   Reminds me of LiteBrite pegs!

Saturday  - August 11th, 2012

There is nothing like a good old three park visit during the summer topped off with an evening concert at the Northern Star Arena.  Here are some photos and observations...

Probably a first for Great Adventure - two nighttime concerts at the same time, one at Hurricane Harbor and the other at the theme park.  
On to the Safari Park... Does this HH building remind you of one found in the theme park?  
  This guy is not on the park map!  
  Josh and Rob - The Maniac Driving Duo!  
    Where was this for the last five years?
Dead Man's Party is heading to Movie Town so the Big Wheel and Adventure Alley can remain open throughout Fright Fest! A Fright Fest Maze Assembly Kit
Blast from the Past circa 1991!    
    New rabbit den.
They distributed free Kre-o kits to get the kiddies hooked.  
Overflow (not literally) restrooms for the concert crowd. The Ccnestoga Wagon is looking sharp!  
Pat Benatar put on an excellent concert with all her hits from decades past.  It's hard to believe it has been decades.  Ugh.
Adventure Alley lights up the night at Great Adventure.

Saturday  - August 4th, 2012

A mid-summer day at the theme park brings out concert fans, crazy drivers, and zombies!

Fright Fest starts early this season with a Season Pass Preview on September 21st.  Promotional decorations are already being placed into the park's main entrance area and it looks like some of them are new!
Concert time at the Northern Star Arena - a summer tradition for many park-goers.
Zombies invaded G.A. in all their blood-covered flesh-eating goodness.
This little Coca-Cola dome had one of THE BEST air conditioning systems!
It is SO GOOD to see bumpers in action at Great Adventure once again!  Fender Bender is currently in its testing phase with several lucky employees including park president John Fitzgerald at the wheels!  He confirmed that this newest ride is scheduled for state inspection on Tuesday and will open to the public later that day.

You can see a video of John burning up the roadway by clicking the link below.  I am happy to report that these new cars actually are pretty fast and provide quite a punch when they slam into each other, so get out to the park this week and bend some fenders!

Monday  - July 30th, 2012

Update time!  Amazing progress has been made on the Fender Benders bumper cars ride!  Check out the photos below for some glimpses of this really nice looking addition to Adventure Alley!

It is great to see multiple rides around
the Giant Wheel again.
  The food paintings have been removed
from Granny's windows.
New paint on the Carousel's canopy!
Flash Pass promo at the Harbor. Looking good! Everything is open!
Out with the old in with the new. A closed path and another new tube style.
Another sign confirming the weight limit on King Cobra. Hmmm, tilt! tilt! New queue bars can be found at several slides.
    Volleyball is back!

Tuesday  - July 24th, 2012

Great Adventure introduced the fourth of its five new attractions for 2012 today - the impressive new King Cobra water slide at Hurricane Harbor.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser, the new attraction is situated in a portion of the former volleyball and special event beach sand lot. 

Meanwhile, construction is in full swing over at the Theme Park of Fender Benders bumper cars which have just arrived from their trans-Atlantic journey.  All the colorful parts seem to be on site including 25 new cars and an impressive amount of miniature lights that will surely add to the beauty of the Adventure Alley section of the park surrounding the Big Wheel.

  Great Adventure's Kristin Siebeneicher introduces the 50 foot tall King Cobra.  
Kia Motors and some special visitors from the Safari Discoveries area welcome guests.
  5-4-3-2-1 and it is OPEN!  
The detailed themeing adds to the ride's visual appeal.    
    The new Flash Pass stand has opened.
  Fender Benders assembly has begun!  
    Air Jumbo has reopened!
Three Sea Lion Celebration shows! One of El Toro's trains has been Kia wrapped.

Thursday  - July 12th, 2012

Summer is in full swing and the parks are looking good!  King Cobra seems ready to go once it gets its inspection completed and foundation work has begun on the Fender Benders bumper cars ride.  Over in the Safari, it is business as usual - eating, drinking, sleeping, and just looking cool!

  Each year the sand castle includes elements of the park's newest attractions.
Progress on the stand!
  The King Cobra queue is massive!  
  The theme park add-on is a great deal for day visitors.
An additional entry gate is being added.  
Air Jumbo:  M.I.A. Above is an historical piece from the Ball Crawl in Bugs Bunny Land!  
  At last - Fender Bender movement!  
    A clown's Sky Ride car...
    New paint can be found in Looney Tunes Seaport and Bugs Bunny National Park.
New seats at the Great Character Cafe