Saturday  - September 8th, 2012

The park has switched over to weekend only operations now until Fright Fest starts up in two weeks.  Hurricane Harbor has closed for the season and the Safari will remain open until September 30th.  Over at the theme park, a brand new otter show has moved into the renamed Seafari Theater, once home to Temple of the Tiger.  The six nine week old otters are simply adorable and already entertaining guests.

Elsewhere throughout the park, decorations and props are popping up all over many of which are new this year.  The new Voodoo Island terror trail looks particular impressive and its remote location on the Log Flume peninsula will add to the scare factor of this attraction.

Hurricane Harbor is closed for 2012.
Only three weekends left to drive through the Safari.
Rapids is still open after Labor Day!    
Knowledgeable trainers and four talented sea lions put on a fun filled show at the parks Aqua Stadium.
How cute are these six new otters!  They will make a great addition to the Golden Kingdom's stadium.
The Frontier Adventures sign is back up!    
New Voodoo Island looks like it may be Fright Fest's scariest attraction this year!
  Haunted Wagon Spells is the hayride's new name this year and it looks like it too has received some new props.

Saturday  - September 1st, 2012

Labor Day Weekend - the unofficial end to summer.  Is it me or do the seasons seem to go faster and faster?

Today we take a look at all three Great Adventure parks including the areas which will be impacted by the newly announced 2013 additions.  Enjoy!

Hurricane Harbor has fewer than three days left in the 2012 season and the crowds poured into the park heavier than all that water in the big tipping bucket!  Many of the areas were very crowded especially with the lazy river being temporarily closed.
Hurricane Harbor will be installing an eighth water slide next season - Big Wave Racer, which will be a six lane, 1800 foot enclosed and open mat racing slide.  The ride will be built towards the front of the park in the heavily wooded area near the Aquatopia restaurant.  Anyone familiar with the park knows that the area near the front gate tends to be much less crowded than the outlying water slides and water features.
The Wild Safari will also be closing in several weeks on September 30th, 2012.  Starting next season car navigation of the park will be replaced with large off-road transport vehicles which will depart from the theme park.   Meanwhile, tourists and locals seem to be rushing to the Safari to experience this unique New Jersey institution before the changes take place.
The dirt piles that were imported several years ago when Kingda Ka was built seem to be the initial test area for off-road handling. This is what makes our Safari so great!  You don't see so many newborns in Disney or Busch's safari attractions. The rhinos and elephants will soon have some fancy new transports to observe traversing their area.
It will be interesting to see how the pecking birds will be displayed. This new thing has been in the park for several weeks but I haven't mentioned it before.  Looks like test stairs or an emergency exit for the new trucks.
Camp Aventura will be an area of the new Safari Off-Road Adventure were guests can get up close and learn about the animal kingdom. The tire tracks above may be a hint of one of the adventures that awaits riders next season.  True off-roading! How they prevent the bears from hitching a ride will be another thing that will need to be resolved.
  Access to the former Safari Exploration Station (now an area used for a children's learning camp) will most likely be off-limits after September 30th.
  New promotions all around the theme park.  
  Labor Day fireworks - September 1&2!  
As mentioned, the Safari Off-Road Adventure will depart from inside the theme park from near the area to the right of the Northern Star Arena.  It will proceed through some areas which are currently behind the scenes sections of the park and enter the Safari through the current tiger section.
The loading area and queue will occupy the region just outside of the arena.  This area will look completely different next season.
Many of the Safari Discoveries exhibits will soon be incorporated into the new Camp Adventura attraction.
And lastly, Fright Fest work continues with a lot of new props and structures.  Setup work should kick into high gear when the theme park closes on Tuesday, ending daily operation for the 2012 season.  Fright Fest begins early this year on September 21st and runs through October 28th.

Tuesday - August 28th, 2012

As the end of summer approaches, the excitement of the upcoming Fall festivals and the anticipation of the upcoming new addition announcements for 2013 fill the air. Here are some snapshots of Great Adventure's big three on a beautiful afternoon!
The Worst Parking Job award goes to this guy.  I feel sorry for the guy locked in behind him.     
Time is running out to see the most unique park in the entire Six Flags chain.  Last self-driven Safaris depart September 30th, 2012. 
A U.S. Navy blimp takes a scenic tour over the Wild Safari. 
    SkyScreamer is back up and running. 
  Fright Fest prep work continues.   
There will be fireworks this Labor Day weekend.     
  Safari merchandise o'plenty! 
  New Halloween props fill the main entrance.