Saturday - May 26th, 2012

Memorial Day weekend is often considered the kick-off to summer so here is the first trip report of the "Summer Season"!  All three parks are now open at Great Adventure satisfying the needs of thrill seekers, animal lovers, and sun bathers.  Below is a sampling of all the latest happenings at the parks!
Flash Pass is now available at Hurricane Harbor.
Separate queue lines for Flash Pass and standby guests have been installed.  Both lead to the stairs of the towers where attendants will regulate traffic flow to the rides.
  New handrails have been installed to the lazy river. Plenty of tubes available today!
Installation of the King Cobra slide has begun on the former site of the volleyball courts.  Foundations are being poured and all the parts are being stored in the grassy fields across from the ride.  The minimum height requirement will be 48" to ride King Cobra.
  Johnny Rockets is HurricaneHarborHistory.  
  Something is up on the island!  
  Jersey Boys promotions are in full swing.  
  Are their ears moving???  
    Aqua stadium seems to be in transition.
The walkway damaged by Irene last year has been repaired.  Gone is the asphalt- replaced by nice fresh concrete!
No bumpers yet.    
If Congo Rapids is open it must mean it is Memorial Day!
The park will be celebrating July 4th with fireworks this year. There are a lot of critters in the water near the Best of the West!  
Any questions why the lions and tigers are now behind fences?    
    A second entrance has opened into the former Safari Exploration Station.