Saturday - June 2nd, 2012

Today's adventures included a trip to Hurricane Harbor and the theme park.  We hoped to go to the Safari but the line was really long - backed up to the toll booths for Hurricane Harbor (and this was at 3pm!).  It was great to see the Safari bringing in the people!
This guy wasn't in the Safari but grazing next to the Hurricane Harbor parking lot.    
Cheese Wiz on a cheesesteak? Captain Jack from the theme park now rides in Hurricane Harbor.
Flash Pass scanners are now at all the slides.    
My guess is that this will soon be home to a permanent Flash Pass sales stand.  
Work on the footers for the King Cobra slide continues.  Workers were busy even today - a Saturday.
  The railings have been removed from the old rope climb and the planter has been painted in Movie Town.
The Hearts Aweigh backdrop has been repainted.  
  The paintball building still stands... unfortunately.
Oh no - dolphin related merchandise has been discounted.  
  Frog Bog is back!  
  DejaVu now has lights and they look great!  
  Air Jumbo's lights are LEDs that change colors to match the elephants!
Fender Benderless!