Saturday - June 16th, 2012

As the summer months approach Great Adventure continues to work on several projects and add some exciting surprises to its parks.  King Cobra construction forges ahead with the waterslide jigsaw puzzle starting to come together.  Over at the theme park we are anxiously awaiting the installation of Fender Benders bumper cars , but the latest big surprise is the addition of the wonderful new Sea Lion Celebration show.  Over the last few weeks Great Adventure has acquired two new sea lions from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California.  Ella and Kenobi will join Anoki, Crystal, and Dichali at Fort Independence in an entertaining and educational show.

Electrical service is being added to Hurricane Harbor's newest stand. These were the Flash Pass charges at 3pm.
King Cobra parts are being installed on the former site of the park's volleyball beach and assembled on the neighboring lawns.
  A queue line cover has been installed just in time for the summer sun.  
    The fountain has reopened after a mid-week rehab.
Park guests were entertained and delighted by Great Adventure's newest show Sea Lion Celebration on its debut weekend!
Lightning fixtures high up in the trees help to illuminate the Adventure Alley area. Future queue of Fender Benders.
Chevrolet had a fleet of its latest model cars available for inspection.
A first of its kind video panel has been installed across from SkyScreamer.    
The lights come on as the sun sets in Adventure Alley!