Monday - June 25th, 2012

A thunderstorm-packed morning resulted in small crowds at both Hurricane Harbor and Great Adventure today.  Below are some of the latest happenings around the parks.

Heavy downpours caused small washouts around the parks. The Flash Pass stall inches towards completion.
No need for Flash Passes today... everything was walk on. It's nice to see the park's signage getting some rehab.  
Most of the work on the King Cobra in the past week has been on its head and installation of the steel support structures.
The inside of the snake features scales on the bottom and reflective materials above the riders.
Adventure Alley has been added to the status boards.  Nitro was open and Fender Benders should have been tagged as closed. Mr. Six's bus has been reintroduced into the theme park but this time without any mention of him.  Consider it a Great Adventure Retro Cruiser!
Additional clearing has taken place on the Fender Benders' queue site but still no sign of the new ride.  It looks like the "Late Spring" opening has become "Early Summer".
Someone didn't like their hot dog, or Batman The Ride, or both! The Grandstands are being spruced up for the upcoming July 4th fireworks.
  Oh, construction equipment.  But don't get excited.  
The Lahaway Creek was extra high and flowing strongly today.
    Keeping the Sky Ride rolling!
  Parachutes now have step stools for the little adventurers.