Wednesday  - July 4th, 2012

Independence Day + Extreme Heat = Crowded Water Park + Smaller Theme Park Crowds

The King Cobra track is now finished and the queue line and additional theme elements are being added.
King Cobra tubes come in both singles and doubles!  
    Parking on the grass at the Harbor!
The Safari animals were trying to stay either in the shade or underwater.
The Great Adventure BBQ - an Independence Day tradition.  
Nitro hasn't been feeling well lately.    
Air Jumbo is temporarily out of commission.
  Dancin' in the heat!  
  Fireworks tonight!  
    Sling Shot's new pricing attracted more riders.
Survey markers at Fender Bender.   While the ride will open later than hoped, it will open this year.  Some things are beyond the park's control.
Check it out - retro logo merchandise!  Sweet!