Monday  - August 20th, 2012

Today was a big news day at Great Adventure as the park announced that they will be closing the Wild Safari park to car traffic as of September 30th, 2012 closing a chapter in the park's history books.  As for next season we will need to wait until August 30th to find out what is planned for the future.

Here are some photos from Great Adventure's three parks.  Seems strange that we won't be able to say that for much longer.
SkyScreamer was down today. And Jolly Roger was getting some maintenance. The Adventure Alley smoking area was relocated away from the children's Air Jumbo ride to the restroom area.
  Racing Rolling Thunder! El Toro's lift resembles a wooden drop tower.
New Arena paint...
    New type of bulbs on Fender Bender!
It looks like they saved enough room for another flat ride in Adventure Alley.    
  Prep work begins on the terror trail. The size of the crowds in this area has really climbed this season.
(Left & Above) Future site of Voodoo Island A brand new terror trail is going up on the former site of the Asylum!
Look close at the sign above... and you will see an old hidden sign below! New lights in the Plaza del Carnaval look great at night.   Reminds me of LiteBrite pegs!