Tuesday - August 28th, 2012

As the end of summer approaches, the excitement of the upcoming Fall festivals and the anticipation of the upcoming new addition announcements for 2013 fill the air. Here are some snapshots of Great Adventure's big three on a beautiful afternoon!
The Worst Parking Job award goes to this guy.  I feel sorry for the guy locked in behind him.     
Time is running out to see the most unique park in the entire Six Flags chain.  Last self-driven Safaris depart September 30th, 2012. 
A U.S. Navy blimp takes a scenic tour over the Wild Safari. 
    SkyScreamer is back up and running. 
  Fright Fest prep work continues.   
There will be fireworks this Labor Day weekend.     
  Safari merchandise o'plenty! 
  New Halloween props fill the main entrance.