Saturday - June 1st, 2013

Last Saturday the temps were unseasonably cold causing Great Adventure to close Hurricane Harbor early because only a handful of people showed up.  This Saturday marked the third consecutive day of +90 temperatures marking the first heat wave of 2013 and Hurricane Harbor was packed.  What a difference a week makes!

Today also marked the one week anniversary of the public opening of the Safari Off Road Adventure and the hints of a hit attraction are evident with signs stating its obvious popularity with its lengthy expected wait times.  Luckily the park has already taken steps to improve efficiencies, offer early admission to the attraction for season pass holders, and install tents to cover all the queue areas.

Here are some photos from the theme park and safari as well as Hurricane Harbor!

    Truck 13 has been removed from the entrance plaza. 
The covered queues make a big difference for waiting guests. 
This sign speaks volumes!     
  Heading out to the Safari.   
    The old section signs have been removed. 
  Shade has been added  to the Camp queue too.   
The Soaring Eagle zip hasn't opened yet.     
A new permanent arena gate has been installed. The Log Flume track near the SORA has been repainted and looks brand new.   
The new shop has fully opened.     
  Northern Star Concessions has set up as temporary fix to the missing Conestoga. 
    The Boys are back in town. 
The rapids were roaring but the falls weren't falling.   
    Still no train.  :( 
A new section of Hurricane Harbor has opened including Big Wave Racers and a new beach area.
As a preview Big Wave Racers is open to season pass holders only until June 17th.