Saturday - June 15th, 2013

Here are some photos from a late afternoon stop at the theme park today. 

    Part of the third Green Lantern train are behind the ride- other cars are in the Safari Exploration Station parking lot.
Today was Brew Ha-Ha!  It was the first time I ever saw the direct entrance to the catering area from the outer mall being used.
Platinum Flash Passes were sold out. Chevy has a display near Grannys.  
    Rapids had a long line, but no waterfalls.
According to the sign the meal plan is going up.   The waterfall across from Skull Mountain was running!  Very nice!
Skull Mountain now has its own t-shirt!  
It was great seeing the Log Flume back in action.    
    The truck from the park entrance (#13) is now in-service.
  Several new signs have been posted around the Safari Off Road Adventure queue.  
Thatch work has begun on the SORA roof.    
  Bizarro had a late afternoon evac.
    Twister was down today.
This was the first and only time I saw the seat on Sling Shot remain horizontal the entire trip.   New Superman logos have replaced the character comic boards.
I love this huge SORA giraffe prize! This look very Super TeePee-ish!  
Healthy choice eating. Jersey Boy panels are back up.
  The new Kingda Ka lights could be seen just as the sun set.