Thursday - July 11th, 2013

For the first time in a long time I spent an entire day at the park from gate opening until the last fireworks shell went off at night.  While I wish we had picked a cooler day, even the heat, humidity, and early morning rain didn't dampen our good time.  Here are a bunch of photos of our day at the park.

July 11th - 7 Eleven day at the park. Tickets are distributed to prevent line cutters at the Safari Off Road Adventure. Heads Up:  The Season Pass early entry to SORA has ended.  It opens at 11AM to all.
Wheelchairs are available for guests to take along and use at Camp Aventura.  
    Into the woods!
  Herds of animals greet you upon entering the safari grounds.
The spot-a-pots have been removed next to the old warden gates. A male ostrich advertises to a nearby female.  She just walked way.  
  Unfortunately we bypassed Camp Aventura... supposedly lightning was in the area.
  There are a lot of babies everywhere!
  This is all that remains of the old mechanical lion section gates.  
    The Fort's shop has been closed off.
    Granny's has a huge new checkout counter.
  The rain scared away a lot of Hurricane Harbor guests.  
I never recall seeing these guys in the lazy river.  
Flash Pass was closed given the small crowds.
The Wild Safari gate stands empty. At 3pm in the afternoon the wait for the Safari was only 30 minutes according to the sign (20 minutes in reality), so we hopped on for another off-road adventure!
  Disney uses ceramic eggs.  We have the real thing!  
Sadly, Camp Aventura was still closed.    
  The zip line has opened.  Just not today.  
    Lukoil has been added to the gas tanks on the trucks.
Rolling Thunder has been closed for more than a week.   
    Mama Flora even runs El Toro Snacks!
Safari Discoveries is closed.   Check out the light on the right.  Wonder how it got from Dream Street to Batman The Ride.
  That Safari Off Road Adventure arrow is just wrong! Peeps in the park!
I am determined to see a kiddie train here.   Modern art at Granny's!
  I hope they came in a big car. The Slurpee Mobile
If you haven't seen Night Lights be sure to attend the park on a Thursday night in July.  Great show!