Saturday - July 27th, 2013

Here are some photos from a brief stop at Hurricane Harbor. 
Check out this year's sand castle sculpture towards the bottom of the page!

As hoped, the new Big Wave Racer has brought guests to the front of the park where the food and merchandise stands are located. Until the new slide, this bridge could hardly be seen.  It is used only by employees.
This would make a nice future attraction site! The new beach helps accommodate guests that were displaced by King Cobra last year. It is good to see that the Big Wave Racer pump house keeps to the stormy theme.
You can always use your mat for shade. Someday all six racers will come out of the tubes at the same time. Aren't you suppose to keep your ankles crossed? 
Cool sand castle!    
    The lights are still in the parking lot.  Hopefully another Dive-In Movie is planned.