Monday - August 5th, 2013

Today was a beautiful summer day and everyone must of had the same idea -
Let's Go To Great Adventure!

  Shortly after 10AM the crowds packed the toll plaza and the security check. 
Fright Fest starts earlier this year on September 13th and advertising for the event has begun! 
The Safari Off Road Adventure opened at 10:30 today.   
For the first time we were assigned seats on the right-hand side of the truck. 
    OMG - a car in the Safari! 
  The "Wilde" in Wilde Plains actually refers to the fictitious family in the SORA back-story.
    Camp Aventura has a new anteater. 
  These guys were entertaining to watch.   
  Some A-class folks filming a B-roll!   
  It was beautiful being on safari today. 
  No more fireworks.   
The fountain was flowing much higher than normal.     
No waterfall on Rapids but they did have mist sprayers.  Nitro had a half full queue, or was it half empty?
    The Studio 28 arcade is really nice now with its new doors that keeps the a/c inside. 
  The stage for Dead Man's Party is going up.   
The Bust A Move cast of dancers does a fantastic job entertaining audiences.   
Rolling Thunder left was open today but still no right side. 
New thrills await this Fright Fest!     
  The otter show is very educational.   
  They look cute until they open their mouths!   
When did Dippin Dots become so involved?  Splash Oasis has reopened.  The tiger show gongs are gone. 
  Water Park time!   
  In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room! 
    I don't know this lady but she was having the best time singing and floating down the river. 
The lazy river's landscaping makes this attraction so much nicer than some other parks.