Thursday - August 15th, 2013

Presented for enjoyment some photos and observations taken during a brief early evening visit to the park.

Labor Day promos have started appearing. As you may have heard, El Toro is closed. Bugs Bunny has returned to the air plane ride in Bugs Bunny National Park.
Safari trucks were still loading after 6pm! The fountains are back in the creek.  
El Toro had to close do to issues with its lift motor.  Hopefully it will return to service this season.
  Camera signs are now on the lockers. All is quiet at Safari Discoveries.
A new awning has been installed on the Gyro stand.    
Dead Man's Party stage is almost complete.
Skull looks like he has a toothpick!    
  Props and fencing have started to arrive behind Looney Tunes Seaport.
    It's nice to see repairs being done on the old Liberty Square Gazebo.