Saturday - June 14th, 2014

While traveling up from the shore today I decided to pop into to Hurricane Harbor and the theme park to see what was happening around Great Adventure.  Here are some select photos, observations, and updates on this final weekend before the official start of summer.

More Jersey Boys!    
I am pretty sure this is not how to ride this!    
  Hurricane Harbor guests can't park. The guidelines in the entrance seem to reduce confusion.
  A new shirt with Zumanjaro on it.  
July 11 - Baboons?  No Planet of the Apes.   Check out these clever fudge varieties.
  The Zumanjaro arch will soon receive its sign.  
  The landscaping is already growing in.
    New grass sidelines the Zumanjaro queue.
    The gates by Balin had blown open.  Wish they would stay open!
Chevy has replaced Kia in the Boardwalk area.
Survey paint?  No, 5K race aftermath. Fireworks on the 4th weekend!
Still no kiddie train. Hopefully Paw & DisOrder opens before the park closes for the season.
Congo Rapids waters were roaring once again.
Click HERE to see a short video of Congo Rapid's new loading procedure where the boats continuously move through the station.
I would imagine this was installed for the race. The 5K starting line was near the stunt arena. The last of the queue house for Zumanjaro appears to have been completed.