Thursday - July 10th, 2014

For the first time in what seemed like months I had the opportunity to take in the Safari Off Road Adventure this morning followed by a rather short walk through of the park.  Here are some photos from around the theme park including some shots of the huge Zumanjaro queue and several recent pictures of the Great Adventure History Museum.  The Museum will be open until July 27th so if you get a chance stop in and have a look around.  It is located in the red and white Dream Street Tent.

New shade tents have been added to the Safari Off Road Adventure queue. The video segments which were shown on the trucks last year is now shown the queue.  
The gravel is wetted down to reduce the amount of dust in the area.
There is only one lion cub at Camp Aventura now and she is getting big.   Whatever was planned for this slab in Camp Aventura still hasn't happened.
A second layer of fencing has been put around the animal pens. New viewers allow guests to spy on the wildlife. Fred and Wilma are back!
  A lot of the animals were sleeping in the heat.  
    Still no baboons in the Safari Discoveries area.
got2b hosted a tallest mohawk competition today.  
Here are some photos taken from the wandering queue line for the brand new Zumanjaro Drop of Doom.
    A souvenir from Rolling Thunder can be seen.
  The retractable roof gets quite a workout throughout the day.
A Rolling Thunder flashback!  
Please enjoy these photos of the Great Adventure History Museum.  The displays continue to evolve as we introduce more items into the Museum.  Next time you are in the park stop in and relive some Great Adventure history!