Thursday - August 7th, 2014

Driving up to the park this morning the right two lanes on Route 537 were backed up and it looked like the crowds were going to be huge.  For whatever reason it just seemed to be some slow moving traffic on the entrance roadway as the number of cars in the lot was far fewer than expected.  Here are some photos from around the theme park today.

  If it is August it must be Fright Fest teasers! 
Nothing beats the park-wide view offered on the Sky Ride. 
Paw & DisOrder - Coming Soon? 
Dead Man's Party stage is under construction.    Still no sign of the Bugs Bunny Railroad train in Looney Tunes Seaport.   
The Studio 28 Arcade contains some HUGE machines and some classics.
The Golden Kingdom entrance portal has been modified somewhat, most likely by a truck.   
It is strange to be on the outside looking in on the museum.  It was a ton of fun while it lasted! 
This looks like it could be Great Adventure's version of EPCOT's Kitchen Kabaret or Food Rocks. 
To me it looks like this guy got sick on a ride.